Jeroen Wolbers

Assistant Professor of Crisis Governance – Leiden University – Institute for Security and Global Affairs


As a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Organization Sciences, Faculty of Social Science, I study how cross-boundary coordination is practiced in emergency management. In my PhD Thesis I employed a mixed methods approach, combining qualitative, interpretive studies with quantitative process analysis and social network analysis. My interest lies in exploring how the tension between organizational design and emergent, improvised response turns out in practice. Based on this tension I develop explanations about how coordination practices might lead to integration in one instance, while leading to fragmentation in another.

At the Department of Organization Sciences I teach in the bachelor and master Policy, Communication and Organization, and the Master Safety Governance. I teach courses like Safety and Crisis Management, Virtual Organization. In addition, each year I supervise multiple master theses that focus on Safety issues and Crisis Management.

I believe it’s important for a researcher to work on a social relevant topic, and to asses it from multiple scientific approaches. In addition to my scientific contribution, through multiple types of peer reviewed publications, I also contribute to the field of crisis and disaster management. A perfect example is the culture study about the implementation of Netcentric Work, on behalf of the Institute Physical Safety: ‘Netcentric Work in Development’.

My expertise lies in analyzing and researching complex organizational dilemmas in the area of coordination, technology, social networks, knowledge management and culture. As an organizational scientist I am capable of analyzing and clarifying complex organizational cases from multiple theoretical perspectives. In this process the connection between scientific theory building and practical application is central.


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