Jeroen Wolbers

Assistant Professor of Crisis Governance – Leiden University – Crisis Research Center


In addition to my activities as a researcher I enjoy making music on trumpet and flugelhorn. One of the great virtues of being a musician is that you meet a lot of new people in a totally different context, with whom you share intense, creative and memorable moments. Making music allows me to foster the creativity and fun that inspirers me as a social scientist.

I have the privilege of playing flugelhorn at the Fanfare Korps Nationale Reserve (FKNR). The FKNR, or Band of the Dutch National Guard, is a military orchestra of the Royal Netherlands Army consisting of 50 musicians, and is located at the Berhardkazerne in Amersfoort. Every musician in the orchestra is also working at the National Guard. Below you will find some media to get an impression of the great moments I have experienced with them.

(Inter)national 70-years D-Day Remembrance Ceremony in Arromanches, Normandy

Inauguration of King Willem Alexander

La fete du Roi at Dutch Embassy in Paris

Ceremony for swearing in new National Reserve soldiers

Try-out for annual concert

Christmas concert

National Military Tattoo

National Veterans day

Budgetday (Prince’s day)




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